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Today was the last day of my former life. My last day as Innovation Manager and Researcher in an ICT company.
My last day of tube to go to the office. My last day with bosses and customers. My last day with those who have been some wonderful colleagues for almost 4 years.

Today I feel on the edge of a precipice from which I  can barely see the end.

I feel fear and excitement in equal measure.

Fear because I do not know what will happen in this new stage I begin today, because Roberto means much to me and I will keep up, because many people believe in me and I don’t want to disappoint them, because I have not yet secured place in Pepe School Land, because I’ve never worked alone at home, because I have no source of income … But above all, fear because it’s time to demonstrate myself what I can do.

The only thing that doesn’t scare me is to be wrong with this decision. I am not wrong. Whatever happens, the decision to try to get a dream is always legitimate and commendable.

“Do not let the day end without having grown a bit, without being happy, without having risen your dreams.” (Walt Whitman)

Many of you have congratulated me for my courage, and confessed a healthy envy for having decided once to go for it. Give me a little margin to “complain” and express my fears, because today, boys and girls, I’m scared shitless. I do not care, it’s a good sign. You always have to feel that knot in the pit of your stomach when you finally have the opportunity you ever expected.

In these I am, scared as a little mouse, because at least the the way I always wanted opens in front of me. Excited because people who love me have given to me the unique opportunity to change my life for ever, and because I feel the warmth and support of you all. The Year of the Volcano starts, and I really hope you want to share it with me, and that Roberto takes a huge part of you.

Let see then how deep the rabbit hole goes!