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Ok, it’s a privilege to leave everything and devote to a project that moves and excites you. But you see, I am a social animal. I need to feed myself on the heat, the laughts and the miseries of the people, and after a month working hard at home, I have cold turkey. I’ve passed down from working in an office full of wonderful people who encouraged me, teaching me and amused me every day, to the only company of my two cats.

Working on a personal project that excites you really has the danger of spending hours buried yourself in it, and you ends at early hours of the morning with just a couple of stoppages to eat something. This week I plan to be more disciplined and adhere to a more normal work schedule, allowing time for the gym, walking, some beers with friends or just watching TV.

This past weekend has been really great and inspiring. I resumed contact with old friends who had not seen for too long and, besides a laugh and catch up with everything that happened in that time, I rediscovered the power of beer. In addition to being nice and cool and end up giving this wit that makes everything more funny, beer has the power to call powerful new ideas.

On Sunday I was eating with two Cristinas: one is a colleague of mine at the first ICT company I worked for, and the other is a speech therapist. What does the speech therapy with my project? Apparently nothing, but after discussing some ideas I have in mind with Roberto, Cristina found a wonderful junction. Something that we hadn’t ever raised is now taking the form of a precious project that continues growing in our heads. I can not reveal what it is until we are able to materialize it, but I’m so excited I could not stop writing this post claiming the power of beer, which is, wealth that can make the most unlikely person to a project that you thought well defined.

The paths of barley are inscrutable. Amen.