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Introducing Roberto to all of you has been a very important moment in the project, so I wanted to prepare something special as a memento. Here’s the surprise I’ve been preparing this week with so much hope and love… The first silk screen of Roberto!

Roberto is as he is, and I draw as I draw, but I assure you that we have paid great attention to every detail for you to enjoy an edition simply delicious. I want to thank the love that people who have participated in the process have put on it. From La Dominotería, the charming store of special papers which has helped me finding the perfect materials, to Hola por qué, the screen printing studio that has made this detailed work. I’m fascinated with the handcrafted process behind this work, and I promise you more details and pictures in future posts.


The first silk screen of Roberto is a numbered serie of 50 color copies. No less than a 6-ink work, despite having only 14x15cm.

The screen printing process is completely artisan, and each reproduction bears the stamp of the screenprinting studio on the back.

Roberto will come on a cardboard with a stamp that I have made and printed myself, and protected with handmade Japanese paper.


Since this is something very special to celebrate with you the presentation of Roberto, I hope you know forgive the homespun logistics I’ve ridden, that’s why we’re among friends ;). So if you have 35 euros and want to take home Roberto, these are the steps:

  1. Bank transference of 35€ to the following account: Carmen Cordoba, IBAN ES42 0049 2662 9825 1431 4732. Please indicate in the transference concept your name and surname, so I can find your email.
  2. Send me an email to karmendecordoba@gmail.com with your name, the address, and anything you want to tell me.
  3. The silk screen will come by registered mail.

I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the preparation.

Until next post, I leave you with some pictures of the screen printing process. Many thanks to Eduardo G. Villamañán  from Hola por qué (in the pictures) for his infinite patience and the love and expertise he puts into his work.