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Two days without turning on the computer… I feel quite weird. Last Thursday we delivered the Final Exercise at PepeSchool and take a last look at our “desk” in the school. The doors of Pepe School Land remain open for all students, but we will not go to class every morning or suffer the nerves of each delivery.

It’s been a wonderful time in which I learned much more than I could have imagined, and that I have shared with truly luxury teachers and with exceptional schoolmates. I will always remember this experience with love, and I’m sure that the end of my time as a student at Pepe School Land is just the beginning of my new life.

These days are full of mixed feelings of shame and joy. I will sorely miss my sufferers fellow and the stimulating environment of the school, but I’m also looking forward to resuming my project and see how far I can get with the new knowledge acquired during these nine months. Rescuing a phrase published in one of the first articles of this blog … Let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes ;)

Although I will continue working on the Final Exercise, guided by the feedback that Dani gave us the last day and with the prospect of a final “gift” feedback we will have in a month, my main task is again Roberto. Prepare yourself for seeing again the “chubby” fluttering through these pages…


And as a farewell to this magical and endearing stage, I do not want to miss the opportunity to thank all those who have made it possible:

Thanks to Daniel Martínez Lara for accepting me in his school, for sharing all of his professional and vital wisdom with us, and for continue feeding that passion for his profession that makes his teachings unique.

Thanks to Rafael Cano “Rafiki” for their thoroughness and insatiable desire of perfection, for sharing with us the secrets of his art and for instill the values ​​of perseverance and commitment in us.

Thanks to my 19 teammates because they made ​​me feel like family, and because their efforts and enthusiasm have made that every Monday I have wanted to beat.

And of course, thanks to my Wizards. They made possible that I have lived this wonderful experience and although from distance, have been by my side supporting me and encouraging me all the way … You are the magic part of the trick!

Thank you all, I wish you the best and hope you can tell it to me soon. It has been a pleasure.