Cordobesa exiled in Madrid. Computing scientist by profession. Storyteller by vocation.

I had a lifetime of drawing and writing scripts without really devote to it. I had a lifetime of waiting for opportunity to see what I can do. I had a lifetime looking for excuses to continue with my usual comfortable routine…

And when I least expected, the stars aligned to give me a unique opportunity. The opportunities are hard to find but, too often, are also difficult to see. Luckily I had my eyes wide open, and people who love me taked care to keep them in this way.

If today I’m here, is your fault. I know that many of you do not even imagine how much your words, your hugs, your I like’s have contributed to this great adventure (even Roberto), but there is a huge and beautiful part of you in me, and in this project. Thanks for making possible that I get where I am today. And above all, thanks for joining me on this fabulous trip.

“Without you today’s emotions are nothing more than dead skin from yesterday’s” (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain)

28th June of 1981 (less than 3 years old)


  • Audiovisual Communication – 2 years (I left it because it was not what I expected)
  • Computer Engineering (I have been fed so far)
  • 3D Modeling and Animation Master (I confirmed what I really like)
  • Modeling, Animation and Narrative at Pepe School Land (in progress)


  • 2006-2008: Project Manager at a large Software company.
  • 2009-2011: Innovation Manager and Researcher in a company specialized in Semantic Web.
  • 2012-?: Jump into de void. Making a 3D Animation personal project.