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After several months working on Roberto’ script, the original idea has almost disappeared to make way for a different story. During the intensive Introduction to the script, imparted by Alicia Luna, I learned a lot of techniques and tricks to build a good story. Namely: how to build strong characters, how to structure stories to keep the viewer’s interest and how to write good dialogues. So there I was after an intense and stimulating week, rewriting Roberto to start the Rewriting workshop the following week. Very satisfied with the outcome.

First day of  Rewriting workshop. Four students trying to improve our scripts. Alicia begins to give valuable clues for improving our work that excited I write down in my notebook, wondering how to apply them to Roberto. And comes the first disappointment: Alicia doesn’t understand my story, the jumps between reality and imagination are confusing and she doesn’t see clearly what happens to Roberto. It’s okay, I will work a bit these points to make them more explicit. Nothing that can not be resolved.

Half of an hour before the end of class, Alicia proposes an “innocent” exercise to focus in what we want to tell with our history. And then it becomes evident to me that my story is weak and is no more than mere anecdote, I realize I have not even clear who is my main character… Can you imagine my panic when I realized that after 6 months, with a script that almost took for the final, I’m not sure what I want to tell you? I freeze, I went into crisis. I became a sea of ​​doubt leaping from decision to decision compulsively without reasoning none of these jumps. Until I took a deep breath and remembered that I have all the week ahead to find my way.

I read again Who is Roberto, because I seemed to have forgotten it, and I realized that 10 years ago I wanted to tell a different story. So here I am trying to solve a great dilemma, trying to choose a story to tell and a character that tells the story. And the only thing I can think of is to write the two options and let this afternoon, during our second session in the Rewriting workshop, people help me to find my lost history.

I’m sure that this crisis will feed my story and make it stronger. But … How bad I’m feeling meanwhile!