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And after eight months of hard work and intense learning, it is time to address the final exercise in Pepe School Land… During this time, we have delivered every Monday a small animated exercise (10 seconds duration) in which we have been learning and incorporating different aspects of animation, along a journey that began with a simple ball and finished with full human characters.

You can check out my exercises…. with love ;)

At this point of the trip I still keep the same excitement of the first day, but since a couple of months ago I’ve started to feel really tired because such an intense and demanding activity. I need a vacation. But before that, here comes the final exercise: one month during which we will develop a 10-12 seconds animation with all the care it requires. The idea is to propose and implement an exercise like those we have developed in a week so far, but with the time required to give a finished look that allows us to show what we are capable of, without feeling unfinished work due to delivery times. With time to polish each of the phases of the process: the idea, the narrative, the acting and the animation itself.

Final Stage at Pepe School Land

So this seems like a golden opportunity to show you in real time the whole process behind an animated 3D scene. I’m sure those of you who are not familiar with this world will be surprised about the amount of work that is behind something that is “made with a computer”, and you can glimpse the great effort behind a big production that we consume in 90 minutes and seems just “boring” or “cool”. That is why, taking into consideration the huge deployment of resources behind a product animation, all the time spent in pre-production (concept, script, set and characters design, …) is not only necessary but directly reverts to the quality of the final result. The more worked and defined has the animator what he wants to do, less time it takes him to execute it and better result will achieve.

So I inaugurate this new category where I will show in real time how I solve my final exercise in Pepe School Land.


  • About 10 seconds duration.
  • A simple scene with two characters at most, that makes sense itself and can be understood by all.
  • Must contain some conversation to apply our knowledge in lipsync (the character moves his lips in line with the audio).
  • Choose an idea that we like and keep us motivated during the month we will spend working on it.

In the following posts I will telling every step of this process that will last a month, indicating at each stage the days passed since the exercise proposal.