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First week of my new life.

I still cannot believe this will be my routine for the next two years. Working at home with the feeling of being on vacation without even assimilate the turn has given my life. I feel an euphoria that keeps me hyperactive and happy. I haven’t stopped doing things: planning activities for the production of Roberto, visiting the Intellectual Property Registry to inform me on how to register the script of Robert, writing the first draft of the script … And at least my new business cards have arrived!!! ^_^

I try to focus on the project and plan my day.

Things are going smoothly, and keep happening precious things to me. Farewell to my previous work and life was much more exciting than ever imagined. I really cannot believe how lucky I am counting on people so wonderful by my side. Again I thank you for the support that you have sent me, and again the words seem insufficient to express how beautiful are being these days thanks to you.

I didn’t want to return to my activities without publishing the big new of the day, week, month or even year …I have a place in Pepe School Land !!!!

On Thursday I received mail from Daniel, announcing that there is a vancant and if asking me if I am still interested .. ¬ ¬ Hahahaha, you can imagine my reply xD. So I have done the registry and, much earlier than expected, I HAVE PLACE IN THE SCHOOL OF MY DREAMS!!. That means, boys and girls, that on the 1st of October this year I will be living in Barcelona and studying the MAN course (Modeling, Animation and Narrative )!!!! Be discreet, cause my poor cats do not yet know we are moving ;)

So I have to do a lot of things until then. A short animation is not small feat, and neither you imagine how much work is behind it. So I made ​​an initial scheduling, high level, of activities that have to be developed in the coming years, with the (blessed) halt the project will suffer during the 9 months of my Master in Character Animation at Pepe School .

At least I have to reach October with all the pre-production done. This means that the script must be completed indetail, and also the storyboard, the animatic, characters and scenarios design, and test of esthetics, techniques and others. Also I have to review everything I know of 3D to get Pepe School fresh and ready. And it would be great to make progress in modeling the scenarios, and even characters. Phew, a lot of work!! But if you like the scratching then you do not mind the lice… and hey, I love it ;)

Now I have begun to work seriously, I promise you to publish drawings very soon… And I hope you enjoy them!!