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Nearly a month without news of Roberto, but don’t think that I have not been working on it. The truth is that many things outside the project have kept me busy lately, besides having changed my computer, with the software installations and copying of files involved.

Some of you already know my collaboration for more than a year with The Corpora, which has just released his new Web ready to preorder our own Q.bo robot. To groom so awaited event, I’ve been finishing the animation that introduces the concept of Q.bo, and I have also prepared a drawing illustrating the dream of that child that was many years ago Francisco Javier Paz, which has finally come true. You can see them at http://thecorpora.com/blog/.
Take this opportunity to thank once again to Francisco Javier Paz the opportunity given to me to participate in a project so nice, and to The Corpora’s team the affection with which I have embraced, always making me feel like family.

In parallel with this work, I have continued refining the script for Roberto, detailing more some scenes and even changing the ending. I think the story is on track, reflecting what I want to tell you, and that with a bit more work and good ideas, it will accomplish to convey you what Roberto means to me…A great challenge!

For those of you who have curiosity to know how is build the animatic from the script, I am preparing a short video where I will show you each step of this process … Coming soon.

Thanks for stand there :)