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From among all the courses, seminars and workshops that I have planned this year, the Seduction Workshop imparted by Luis Dorrego  is the least related with my project. But it is certainly the only one directly related with my ego, and my ego is in everything I do.

I had high expectations for this workshop, because my dear friend Marta had said to me: “it has changed my life”, but I got there on Saturday without having the slightest idea about what I was going to meet. I was not prepared “mentally” for what I found, but “emotionally” was in full readiness. So it worked out great because Luis works with emotions, with stomachs … and how good he is!.

Before undergoing the Workshop I had planned to ask permission to Luis and write a long post telling you what had happened there. I hope not to disappoint you with this, but I do not want to. I do not want to reveal the secret of this workshop, the secret of Luis, because for me it was essential to get there without knowing what would happen or what would happen inside me. I do not want to tell you how I’m feeling after this amazing weekend, because you would create expectations, and that also will pollute you. I just want to tell you that if you are willing to give, receive and change, really, from the gut and heart, experiences with Luis Dorrego will serve you to find your own way.

Luis said during the workshop that all families have repudiated persons, about anyone want to speak. A black sheep, as we say, that shames others and wants to be forgotten. And since there are no coincidences, but causalities, it is that in attempting to describe my experience this weekend, an unexpected phrase comes to my stomach…

There is a black sheep in my family that I have never met. He is an uncle of my father, whose story I want to tell you. He was a very sociable, well liked and respected by the people person, those who spread their own energy. My father loved his uncle and was attracted by its light like a moth. One day his uncle realized that thanks to its ease of interpersonal relationships and imagination, could work in advertising. Began designing ads and slogans for friends and acquaintances, and the thing began to work very well. He was increasingly jobs and really enjoyed his work. He was succeeding.

So well he was doing and enjoying it that his passion overtook him, and began to work all day and night. Soon he stopped sleeping. The excitement he felt didn’t let him rest, and after some months he went mad. Paranoid schizophrenia. He began to have bizarre thoughts and theories, to believe he was a saint touched by the hand of God. He came very religious, who knows why. He ended up living in the house of my grandparents, with my father and her sisters, and being put in an asylum each tieme more frequently and for longer. Finally, he committed suicide.

My father told me this story when I was 7 or 8. I remember it perfectly. We were in my grandparents’ junk room. A magical place full of pieces of junk and all kinds of objects emanating stories and emotions. Stirring this huge memory chest, we found a box full of books, all of them identical copies. My father took one of them and became moved. That’s when he told me this story. That book was written and self-published by his uncle. I have not read it, but now that I’m telling you the story I realize that I want to. I will ask my father to bring me a copy. It is a religious book, I suppose that contains that man’s view of religion in the peak of his mental illness. I do not remember if it was the title itself or a slogan accompanying the same, but the cover of that book had a phrase that is etched on my memory: “Not suitable for cowards”.

I finish this post recommending you again the Seduction Workshop or any meeting with Luis Dorrego. And I summarize the experience as “Not suitable for cowards”.

Thanks Luis Dorrego for having removed my guts, for showing me my own yellow brick road and for the so beautiful reflection you have shown me in your eyes.