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Although the stories are starting to tell from the beginning, I reserve for myself the special night when my Wizards granted me the greatest desire I have always longed for.

So this story begins officially on November 9th, 2011. Barajas Airport (Madrid). Terminal 4. In my purse, the address of Pepe School Land and a memory stick with a selection of my best artwork, comics and animations. In my stomach, a pinch that you could neither go with all the lime blossom of the world.

Upon I arrive at Barcelona airport, the pinch tightens a little more on my stomach. Here I am, ready to fight my position at the school I want to go.  Places for 2012 course are occupied, but I do not want to go to another school, and I can not wait for the next course. Only now I have the opportunity to stop my life to realize a project that for 10 years has been hammering my head: Roberto. A story I want to tell the world, and I can only conceive as an animated short film. A very personal story. And an excuse to put all my eggs in one basket and demonstrate myself what can I do.

Taxi to Pepe School Land. I have not received mail in response to the notice of my visit, so I’m going on an adventure. I arrive almost an hour before they open the doors of the school. I kill time walking around. The minutes creep so slowly as ever you want the time go faster. The door remains closed. No one answers the bell. And I regulary visit the academy until, at last, is open.

Now everything depends on me [TO BE CONTINUED...]