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I took a deep breath and entered the school. At the entrance, a group of guys were drinking coffee and commenting banalities. I did not see Daniel, the director and professor of Pepe School Land, so I kept moving through a long hallway. I was very nervous. He had sent Daniel an e-mail last Friday telling my story and warning him I arrived today, but had not received a response. I do not know if I was more scared about not finding him, or about find him and that he told me there was no possibility to access the course.

At the back of the room, surrounded by his students, I saw Daniel. “- Daniel?” He looked surprised and came closer. “- Yes, it’s me… but who are you?”. Oh dear, if he don’t know who I am, wrong … My email has not made sense the effect I expected … “‘I am Carmen, I’ve written several emails and I told you today would come to Barcelona to see you”. Daniel had not yet read my mail, but recalled other previous emails and knew who I was.

We sat on sofas in the entrance, and talked. He explained how works his school, and the student profile he is looking for MAN Course (Modeling, Animation and Narrative). Every word of Daniel, my eyes opened more and more. It was the perfect course for me!! More even than I imagined, which was a lot. I told him my story and my new situation, and how important it is for me to be part of his school next year. The places were sold out for 2012, but in January he will open a waiting list (my goal of the day was to be on that list). Daniel told me that it is normal that at the time of enrollment firm, 4 or 5 students drop out and that it was certain that at least one. That place had to be mine!. We were talking about 20 minutes and it seemed that, at least in terms of profile and enthusiasm, the course was made for me:)

He asked me if I could come back around 12. They will make a little break and could be exploited to take a look at my work. Needless to say, my eyes were sparkling. So we agreed this.

I left the school with the belief that the course, the School and Daniel were just what I was looking for. The emotion came over me and felt everything had gone very well. But at the same time, the shadow of the fear about my work did not convince him shaked me… Would Daniel like my work? : S