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It was 11:57 when I turned again the corner of Pere Ripoll Street. The students were beginning to come out: I came just in time. Again I came into the school of my dreams, and again I headed to the classroom looking for Daniel. He was sat at his chair, in the back of the room.

I approached nervous like a leaf, and with a hopefully smile bigger than my face. We said hello again and Daniel asked me to sit down. I pulled the stick out of my bag, and gave it to him as one who delivers the latest review of the degree course.

It’s funny how it feels when you show your work to someone you admire so much… Lifelong friends and family have not stopped flatter and encourage you, but you know that there are many people out there much better than you, and when you go to the first division, you’re just a beginner who does not surprise anyone. This is how I felt at that time.

I was showing some of my artwork, Comics, 3D Modeling and Animations to Daniel,  seeing more clearly than ever they were horrible. I could not stop thinking that I shouldn’t have brought this, or that had too many years. But everything changed when Daniel began to discuss my work, pointing out some obvious errors, but also pointing things he liked. As we review all the material, I was feeling more and more relieved that after all he liked what he saw:)

When we had seen the last file, Daniel told me I had a perfect profile for his school, and that he will let me know about the waiting list open. !!!!!!!!!!. We said goodbye, I thanked and gave him two big kisses full of emotion, and left (which has to be) my future school. I was in a dream. All the sadness of the previous days, after learning that there were no places for 2012, have been dissipated. Something told me that I will come back to Pepe School Land next October. And all the nerves in the morning turned into joy, and I just wanted to jump and shout and release the great adrenaline rush that came over me.

I wanted to immortalize the moment, and I approached a worker who was smoking next to a building under construction. The guy took his time to put on and clean his glasses, and to explore the performance of my phone. “- Let me know when you are gonna press the button, right?”. And this is the picture of one of the happiest moments of my life.

I walked from the school towards the beach and, even though my head was buzzing with thoughts, emotions and plans, I took a moment to enjoy the moment. Deep breath and opened my senses to capture everything that happened at that time, and thus be able to remember the rest of my life: the light that rested on my skin through the leaves of the trees, the sounds of birds and of the city, the touch of the sun on my face and the smell of a truly splendid autumn day.

Now it was time to return to Madrid and wait for news from Daniel, while still planning my next two years of life … Does not that sound delicious? :)