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While here in Madrid the sun shone mercilessly this weekend, it rained non-stop in Barcelona. And I know it firsthand because I’ve been at Pepe School Land, for the first time as a student :). When the MAN (Modeling, Animation and Fiction) course ends, Daniel calls the best professionals and arranges the Weekend seminars: two intensive days in which try to absorb the huge amount of wisdom and art each teacher makes available for the students.

Alex Huguet has been in charge of trying to teach us to work in ZBrush, a 3D modeling software that embraces the concept of traditional sculpture and modeling. For those who don’t know what I mean:

It seemed impossible that in a couple of days we could go beyond making contact with the tool, but it was still a chance to address a great tool totally unknown for me, saving those hard times when you do not know where to start … Well, I still can’t believe the amount of things I’ve learned! Alex structured the seminar like the production process, showing at each stage what tools he uses and which tricks he has learned from years of work and talent. Not only we completed the whole process, also we learned how to complement the best features of ZBrush with other 3D software, and even were able to study a bit of human anatomy.

It was a privilege to see Alex working live, asking him questions and advices or just chating with him with a beer while Spain thrashed Italy xD. Alex is one of those people who have made their passion come their profession and who, with talent and hard work, had got to be where he wanted to be. An inspiration to all.