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On Thursday morning I got up early to be at 10 o’clock at the door of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM). With the two folders I got the day before to make the registrations, all the papers filled as best I could and forms for the payment of fees prepared, I went through the building entrance for the last time.Security staff greeted me with kindness, making jokes about whether I would visit them on. The truth is that all the frustration of the previous day was gone and I was in a splendid mood and eager to talk and joke. I was sure that that day was the day I finally achieve my aim.

I went back to the first floor, and again I met my old acquaintance of former days. She remembered me and was surprised that I had not been able to finish my business the previous day. I gave her good morning with a big smile and held out challenging the papers. She glanced first at the Industrial Design, and it seemed that everything was in order. Upon reaching the mark, however, we had some problems. The famous section of products and activities continued without convince her. Thank God, my government employee didn’t se clear the matter and since she did not know what to put, sent me to ask to the 12th floor, where were the reviewers of the trademark … Reviewers!! First hand information!! And I learned of the existence of the 12th plant NOW?!!. There I went.

On the 12th floor was a man very friendly and aware that, after my explanation, said to me that a character was not a mark, and that Roberto was already protected in the Registry of Intellectual Property. I did not know very well explain, you will forgive me, after the mess that I had on those days. What this man agreeded with was to register the design, and luckily for me he said that on the 7th floor were the reviewers of Industrial Designs.Overall, I left the 12th floor with the conviction that I should not register the trademark Roberto. While waiting for the elevator I called Javier Paz. “Javiiiii, I have said that it doesn’t makes sense to register Roberto as a trademaaaaark” and then told him about the conversation with the brand expert. Javier was determined about I had to do it and certainly, while talking to him, I realized I actually had to register a mark, and that I had tell badly the story to the expert.

I went down to the 7th floor and a woman also lovable reviewed my the papers for the Industrial Design. Corrected and advised me a lot of things and offered to review it once I have done the relevant changes. So I sat at a free table, and arranged the form carefully, while I listened to the jokes of his colleagues, and commented with her about my design. I get the OK and gave her a lot of thanks.

Back to the first floor. Back in front of my archenemy, said today from the greatest of affection, with the papers “finished.” The industrial design was  perfect, but again we run into the issue of the brand. After explaining what I had said from the brand expert and that I still thought Roberto was a brand, I told myself  “I will go back up, to stay calm. I will come back.” She smiled and, with a little afraid eyes, she shouted as I walked away “But do not tell them that we have said you to come back! that then they get angry with us.” Hahaha, rightly, Mrs. …rightly.

I returned to the 12th floor. I sat again in front of the kind sir, this time with the speech studied in the elevator, and explained him why I wanted to register a trademark. “Now you are right. That makes sense.” He smiled. I smiled. He plunged into his computer, and after a few seconds, turned the monitor to show me an exhaustive list of activities appropriate for my brand. He helped me to write the appropriate text for my activities, and dismissed me with a friendly smile. Thanks a lot.

Now, I returned to the first floor with a great sense of satisfaction. The experts had solved what a couple of days ago seemed unsolvable, and also with the assurance that everything would go smoothly. My government employee reviewed the papers for the last time, proud of finally I have achieved it and seeing all clear  this time, as if I finally have write down what she had been saying all along. “You can pay the fees in the office of LaCaixa in here and give everything at the end of the counter.” I swear you I felt like kissing her, but I just give her a smiling thanks.

And from there everything went smoothly. I felt a sense of triumph, pride and satisfaction indescribable. I paid my fees and I delivered my papers. The gentlemen who took my papers were very funny, and joked about whether Roberto was Buddha or a sumo wrestler. They congratulated me when I got my copies and I noticed them that, in a couple of years, perhaps they would seen that Buddha somewhere. “If so, remember that we participated a little ;)”. I said goodbye to the security guards and left the building, meeting the sun in the street. Javier Paz just called me again. “It’s done, Javi. At last!” “Under what headings have you registered the brand? [...]. Ah, perfect, I just called to tell you exactly the same.” So fucking great! Now this episode so prosaic of my adventure is finally solved and I can continue peacefully working on what really interests me.

Heartfelt to Javier Paz for his support and for all the help provided.