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Not infrequently, leaving the cinema after watching the latest Pixar or Dreamworks movie, I had to hear things like “Psché, but they do that with computer, not too hard”. I will not repeat here the speech that, offended by the contempt of an ignorant, I give in these cases the the colleague who has had the unfortunate idea to accompany me to watch the movie.

What plays today is to tell you the laborious process behind the silk screen of Roberto..Because in this case, which has discovered the “invisible” work behind a card of14x15cm, is a servant.

What plays today is to tell you the laborious process behind the silk screen of Roberto. Because in this case, the one who has discovered the “invisible” work behind a card of just 14x15cm, is myself.

It all started when, during the process of registering Roberto, the time when I finally could introduce you the absolute star of this project began to seem a hard milestone to me. The coming-of Roberto was taking so importance to me because of the difficulties, that I thought of preparing something special to celebrate the success. I wanted to offer you something very exclusive, that somehow fulfill that role of commemorating a particular moment. I immediately started googling silk screen. Hundreds and hundreds of pages where they stamp on shirts, cups or whatever you want with laser printers, ultra advanced toners and other technologies. No, but I wanted something very different. I wanted something limited and with traditional taste.

It was difficult to find a screen printing tradicional studio but, when I found Hola por qué, I knew I had found exactly what I wanted. I drew a nice little picture of Roberto using acrylics and computer, and wrote them making millions of questions about what I had to send them. Eduardo G. Villamañán kindly answered me but, noticing I had no idea about the topic, I decided to go to the studio of Hola por qué with Roberto in the pen drive.

Eduardo is a calm guy. This is great, because I am quite the opposite, and even more when I’m discovering something new. I begin to throw questions like a machine gun, and I know that I push anyone around. But not with. Eduardo patiently answered my questions, showed me some printing works to illustrate what he was explaining, glanced at my design, and answered again my questions. So, although I still had much to understand, I glimpsed the basic principles of screen printing process and realized I had to remake the illustration. Sure, look yourself that my first version was an atrocity, with too much nuances because of the watercolors.

I came home totally inspired after my visit to the study of Hola por qué, and I asked myself all the work: 1) spot colors 2) less colors, because each color represents a different screen and we are in crisis!. I remade the illustration with the concept of a layer for color in my head, and the next day I sent the new version of Roberto to Eduardo. I tried to minimize the number of colors, but all I achieved was to reduce them to 6:

Eduardo sent me the budget of the screen printing and the paper … First problem: it was necessary to order a minimum amount of paper and…it was too much paper! While he put up the whole process, ordering the lithos for the 6 different inks, he gave me the address of a special papers store for me to buy the paper.

But that is another chapter …