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Email from Eduardo!!!
On Friday morning I returned to Hola por qué to witness and photograph the last step. I came in excited as a little dog smelling food, looking for my 50 little cardboards. And there were all, carefully placed on the trays used to let dry the printings. I promise you I was moved to finally see my army of naked Robertos. And you will think I exaggerate, but I assure you that all the little things around a traditional process gives the result a single value.

I took my camera out of my purse and took pictures of the Robertos waiting for their latest ink.

Time to start to work. The screen ready, the Robertos ready, me and my camera ready and more ready than anyone… Eduardo.

On the table, Roberto wait for his latest ink, placed in the exact place by some small pieces of self-adhesive material securing the position paper on the table. Eduardo scroll down the black ink screen to see if it fits perfectly with the silkscreened inks. He press, lift, set the wheels of the support of the screen, press, lift, push, adjust, lift, push, lift, push, adjust, press, lift, … and so on until the match is perfect. Only then he take the black ink and a small palette knife, scrape the can and throws a blob of ink over the screen. Then, with a kind of board rubber, sweeps the screen black ink spreading evenly, lifts the screen a little and removes the excess ink with the same board rubber, piling the ink for the next pass.

And the first Roberto was sticking out from under the screen, finished. Ooooooooh!!!, it was really cool! Sure, the black ink is the most important one and is what turn the color patches that suggest a fat naked into Roberto, with his eyes and his eyebrows and wrinkles. I drool over it, is just perfect.

And from here, while suffering all my questions about the screen printing process, Eduardo works with the board rubber tristras tristras finishing and placing precious little Robertos over the trays for dry. “You’re going to get bored … from here all the time is the same.”

Eduardo scrutinizes each silk screen looking for defects, and separate those who do not pass his quality control. And I, as a girl with overdoses of sugar, jump to the table of the defective ones to see what fault have seen Eduardo. Some are obvious, because the ink has not been uniform, or has expanded slightly in some area, but for others I swear that I had to ask what was the problem. What I tell you, a perfectionist.

And when we had finished about half of my army, Eduardo warns that have begun to play some small additional lines in Roberto’s ass. It was leaking ink on the screen or, in my version, Roberto was starting to grow hair in his ass xD. Eduardo picks up a roll of masking tape, cut a tiny square, and with a small scissors and all the delicacy of the world, placed it in the part that is causing problems. It took its time to place the patch at the right place, testing it on newspaper, reset the patch and test it again. When he thinks he has solved the problem, he executes more tests over discarded silk screens, and only when he is absolutely sure that the black ink turns out perfect, restart stamping on the right prints.That is the authentic pleasure for well done work!.

After a couple of hours, when all the prints were finished, we took the photos of victory …Do you smell the pride or what?

When I came back in the afternoon to collect my longed-awaited silk screens, Eduardo was standing in front of one of the huge work tables. Seeing my look of impatience, he joked “- What do you want?” “So what do I want?! Eduardo, don’t kid me ^ _ ^”. We count the silk screens, carefully packed and said goodbye until next time. Because there will be next, I want to repeat it!. And for the first time, after many visits to the study, we gave two kisses each other. It was a pleasure to have met you and I enjoyed a really good time.

I leave you with a short video and the rest of the pictures we took throughout the process. I hope you liked it.

Roberto Silkscreen – All that is behind 14×15 cm

Toma fosforito! Pantalla para la tinta verde Trabajando Robertitos con 1 tinta Fabricando colores
Pantallas y fotolitos Espatula a punto de atacar Fotolitos de las tintas Sello de Hola por qué en el reverso Roberto y Hola por qué

One more time, heartfelt thanks to Hola por qué and in particular to Eduardo G. Villamañán for his patience, sense of humor and the care and love he puts into his work.