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One of the first steps I wanted to was to protect the script and the character of Roberto. Even with this blog is easily demonstrated my authorship, it never hurts to use all available mechanisms ;). Thus I can now disclose without fear drawings and parts of the story of Roberto.

To register a script, just come to an office of the Registry of Intellectual Property with a printed copy of the work. Well, it is also possible to present it in digital format, but what can I say?, in my view it gives me more confidence to see my physical stapled pages. What a computer scientist am (was) I, right?

The screenplays are registered as literary work, but can include drawings or other images if they are also owned by the author. In my case I have registered a tecnical script that includes some scenes as a kind of  Storyboard, plus two drawings of the main character that allows me to also protect Roberto. The fees paid are really cheap (13 € in my case), so it really worth it. Now I have a record number which let me say to anyone trying to copy my work: “Hey, boor, you’ll meet my army of lawyers for being so smart aleck.”

I’m sure in the coming months the script still undergo changes and extensions, because the stories are kept alive while building. The inspiration surprise you in inunexpected places, and a story that someone tells you, a movie, or just your brain that keeps on giving the buzz though often not be aware of it, shoot continuously new ideas that enrich the story or how to tell it. The good news about it is that I have about 6 months to replace or extend the copyrighted work. This is the time it takes to study and complete the registration. Thus, I have my work protected from the first version, and I have enough time to refine it and submit the final version. Of course, with a fee of 13 euros, that’s no drama having to record the final version as a different work :p