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A scene should always tell something. Whether it is your own idea or a given idea, the first exercise that an animator should do is to decide what he wants to transmit to the audience. Even in the case that you have no freedom of choice and must conform to the idea of ​​the writer and animation director, it is essential to embrace what they want to communicate and to think about the best way to do it. If we don’t have a clear idea about what effect we want to produce, our acting will result mechanical and will easily fall into the cliché.

In this particular case, Daniel (the principal) asked us to propose audios or movies fragments as starting material. In this way we avoid the problem of building a good quality audio, a whole profession itself (acting, sound effects, sound quality, …). In addition, usually the animator works from the audio of the scene, previously recorded in studio with professional actors.

The choice of the story to tell mixes with the choice of the audio, because one seeks the scenes that look interesting or suggest some idea. In my case, I chose a piece from one of my favorite movies: Donnie Darko, having already in mind a possible scene that would give new meaning to the audio.

Here you can watch the passage I have chosen:

Donnie: I made a new friend.
Dra. Lilian Thurman (Psychiatrist): Real or imaginary?
Donnie: Imaginary.

Using this audio, I had two options: versioning the movie scene or building something new, and here is what I imagined:

Two children look forward the breakfast, sitting at the kitchen table. The mother prepares breakfast and the following dialogue occurs between one child and the mother:

- Boy: I made a new friend
– Mother: Real or imaginary?

The boy looks at his partner, surprised by the question, and then both understand that the second child does not exist (disappears or pierces his own body when trying to touch himself)

- Boy (dissapointed): Imaginary

This is the original idea though, as you will see, while working along the following phases will change and enriching up to settle the final scene.