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Some months ago I wrote about the Power of beer, and about how a conversation with a friend ended delivering a satellite project for Roberto. Currently we are not going to reveal anything, but we have it in the TODO list and I really hope that later we can set the project in motion.

A few weeks ago this friend of mine, Cristina the speech therapist, sent me this beautiful picture. I was so surprised as excited, and asked her this time his voice tell you who have done the drawing. All yours, Cristi…

Sometimes he seems complicated, but finally he is understood greatly.

What can you say about a child who likes the “roller coaster”, who does real tricks to get some chocolate, who dances with his hands and repeats what he hears as playing “echo”, who is cheerful, playful, smiling … but sometimes he gets angry like everyone else.

His looks worth for two and his phrases seem eternal and, although he is learning to communicate with words, if he doesn’t find them he does the same with pictures. It’s fantastic!

That was his first way of communicating, I think he is an artist who was born with a paintbrush in one hand. He could draw 1000 “Powerpuff Girls” or 1000 “trains” with little tired, but this time he decided to draw Roberto … he certainly found in Roberto what we all find when we see him.

Ahhh, the last thing I’d think of saying is that he has autism.
We leave you the picture here… with a looooooot of love!!! Roberto drawn by a moon child.

Cristina del Olmo Jimeno


Thanks Cristi for this precious gift, and for have added the voice that only you could add. Thanks your moon child for his art and for choosing Roberto. Love you both.